Saturday, April 23, 2011

And The Winner Is . . .

Last week I wrote a post discribing my Creative Zone!  I challenged people to leave a comment telling me about their creative process and promised a small prize draw.  Here are the winners!

Dee from Dee's Designs!
Dee said:
"I just had to leave a comment and let you know how much I LOVE your creative works! I'm lucky I have a room dedicated to my crafts so I can pull the door shut when I'm not working in there. Like you I get in a zone an lose "hours" just working/playing. Some of my favorite cards are those that I start out with one idea and usually due to a mistake I wind up with a totally different card than I imagined in my head. I can't wait to see what you have for us next week! Dee"

Thanks for commenting, Dee! 

And actually, I chose a second person, just because I wanted to!  Jen emailed me her comment, because she was having trouble getting the comment uploaded!  Here is what Jen had to say:
          "I find it interesting how you create.  I'm quite similar.  I sit down with my craft things, pull out the next set of pictures for my scrapbook.  I am going fairly chronologically through our family pictures.  Then I decide on the best aspects of the pictures, shape and colour.  From there I search through my stash of cardstock and patterned paper.  I often try a couple of different combos, and then the ideas start to spill out and before I know it I am looking at a finished product.  I get really excited about trying new and interesting things, even though I am fairly conservative."

Thanks for your comments, ladies!  Please email me (there's a button on my sidebar) with your contact info and I'll get your stuff in the mail!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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